I am going to apologize right from the start. I'm sorry it's been over two months since I have posted. I promise it was well worth the wait. "Why", you ask? Well, because in addition to photography I like to play around with graphic design. (disclaimer: I am by no means a pro. I would actually consider myself an amatuer. The pros would probably laugh at my attempts.)  :)

I have added a new page to my website titled "FREEBIES". Calm down people! ;) That's right, freebies. No coupon required, no sale dates, no contests to enter. Just plain ole' FREE!

The first freebie is an Art Print inspired by coffee lovers (uh hem! My husband, My Nana, My Dad, but definitely NOT my Mom). Are you a wake up, visit the bathroom, head straight for the coffee machine kinda person?! Well, you are going to love this print! Click on the picture below to visit the new "FREEBIE" page on Elizabeth Jeanne Photography's site. (you will need Adobe Reader) Just click on the file text (NOT the picture), when the box pops up click on "Save As", Click "Ok". There are two versions, 1.)Black Chalkboard and, 2.)Green Chalkboard. ENJOY!

Make sure you let me know if there is something you would like me to create! Oh, and share with your friends...because who doesn't love a FREEBIE!!!






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