I love it when the session is complete and the photos are ready for delivery because that means I get to package! It's a ltitle unhealthy, really. I tend to go a little overboard at Christmas too. I am usually up until 1am. I know it seems crazy but it's all about presentation. I am a firm believer that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression (even with gifts!). So, when clients receive their photos they get to open a pretty package and let's be honest, that is waaaayyy more exciting than junk mail or bills. And, it's one more way to show your clients you appreciate them!


My packaging definitely reflects my style. I love all things classic, timeless, and elegant. Navy blue is my favorite color which often draws me to Nautical themes (you will see this below). Stripes and polka dots are my favorite patterns and seem to never go out of style. To see more of my personal style you can follow me on Pinterest.    


I had so much fun putting together some examples to share.  Here they are!

Have a wonderful day!








After I shot some pictures of Cathlynn, Mamma hopped on Shameless (the horse she rides) and I was able to snap some sweet candid pictures. They are quite the pair...just like Cathlynn and Solo, Shameless & Brie definitely have a bond. He's so gentle and sweet. Then I caught Cathlynn and Shawn enjoying each others company while Mamma rode. Enjoy Part II!


And here is one of me and Cathlynn...




Sometimes I overshoot. Okay, most of the time I overshoot, and it gets worse when I am photographing my sweet little niece, Cathlynn. She is three going on 23. Really, I swear. I can only imagine that she is a lot like me when I was her age. We connect on so many levels. Personality, mannerisms, and most importantly fashion. That girl has got taste in shoes and accessories! It was destiny that I became her aunt. There are many shopping trips in our future!

Along with shoes and accessories Cathlynn loves horses. She takes riding lessons on the sweetest most gentle horse ever. Solo. She even has a braded braclet made from Solo's hair. They are best buds and I had the privilege of photographing one of their lessons and their first show together! So, lets get down to the best part of this post. Pictures of their lesson, first horse show, and most importantly her first place ribbon!! Congrats Cathlynn & Solo!


Stay tuned! PART II will be posted this weekend. Here's a sneak peek!

Yes, I photograph animals and I love it! :) Only two days until the weekend!


Of Course I Brought My Camera...

This past Sunday was such a gorgeous day! It was actually kind of odd considering all the snow we had on Wednesday. But I am not complaining! It was the perfect day to hang out with my sister and niece at their riding lesson. Of course I brought my camera along and here's a sneak peek. I'll be posting more soon!

Have a fabulous week!



I am an animal lover. I have had animals my entire life and they bring me so much happiness. When searching for our first "family" dog I stumbled upon a friend of a friend who had a litter of Jack Russell puppies. I considered the idea, did some research online, and dismissed the idea. Don't get me wrong, I had always thought they were adorable dogs, but VERY tenacious. But, something inside me was drawn to this challenge and less than two weeks later we brought Maddie home. She was our first Jack Russell and I never regretted her for a minute. She was my shadow, my running buddy. She was only 1 1/2 when she passed last July. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I still cry...

After Maddie's death our house seemed lifeless (I will be posting her story eventually). I definitely took it the worst. We so desperately needed a little white ball of energy to warm our hearts and shed all over my couches. Although no dog would ever take Maddies place, I searched and searched for what seemed like months for a Jack Russell. They are hard to find! Then, late one night, I stumbled upon an ad online for three white female Jack Russell puppies near Norfolk. I called first thing the next morning and Sheri told me she had one left. We chatted and I told her about how we just lost Maddie. Then she told me how she lost her first Jack Russell and how heartbroken she was. She was so nice on the phone and it made me feel good to know that I wasn't the only person to go through it. After we got off the phone she texted me a couple pictures of the all white dog. I sent the pictures to Brandt, his reply was "Call Sheri and see if we can go get her tonight." That evening after work we drove to Norfolk to meet this ADORABLE little puppy and hopefully take her home.

When we pulled up to their house five (yes, five!) Jack Russell's came barrelling out of the house. I have to say that it warmed my heart to see all of them and their personalities. Then, out came Sheri with the most adorable ball of white fur I have ever seen. She handed her to Brandt and I am pretty sure my husband melted right before my eyes. It was like she had known him her entire life. I didn't need kisses. I was sold! The rest is history.

Enjoy these pictures I took this past Wednesday of Pippa (AKA: Pip Pip Cheerio!), our Jack Russell Terrier...




Enjoy this beautiful Sunday....Cheerio!



I am going to apologize right from the start. I'm sorry it's been over two months since I have posted. I promise it was well worth the wait. "Why", you ask? Well, because in addition to photography I like to play around with graphic design. (disclaimer: I am by no means a pro. I would actually consider myself an amatuer. The pros would probably laugh at my attempts.)  :)

I have added a new page to my website titled "FREEBIES". Calm down people! ;) That's right, freebies. No coupon required, no sale dates, no contests to enter. Just plain ole' FREE!

The first freebie is an Art Print inspired by coffee lovers (uh hem! My husband, My Nana, My Dad, but definitely NOT my Mom). Are you a wake up, visit the bathroom, head straight for the coffee machine kinda person?! Well, you are going to love this print! Click on the picture below to visit the new "FREEBIE" page on Elizabeth Jeanne Photography's site. (you will need Adobe Reader) Just click on the file text (NOT the picture), when the box pops up click on "Save As", Click "Ok". There are two versions, 1.)Black Chalkboard and, 2.)Green Chalkboard. ENJOY!

Make sure you let me know if there is something you would like me to create! Oh, and share with your friends...because who doesn't love a FREEBIE!!!








CONGRATS Robin! I don't think there was any way Bradley wouldn't draw your name!  Please send me an email to schedule your session! :)



We shot this session on a GORGEOUS December afternoon. The sunset was the perfect addition to their stylized shoot. We had so much fun and Jason was such a good sport! I'm sure the entire session was worth it when he saw the pictures of his new whip. I cannot wait another minute to share these with you. ENJOY!



Bow Cloche, Tartan Scarf (Both on sale this week!)


Welcome to the all-NEW blog for Elizabeth Jeanne Photography! This blog will be a way for you to follow me through my journey as a photographer and hopefully help you get to know me better. More importantly though, it will be a way for me to get to know you! It's your smiling faces and trust in me that keeps me loving what I do! So, to celebrate the new blog and to say Thank You, I am giving away a FREE session to one lucky fan! (Try to REMAIN CALM!)  :)  




  • 2 hours on location with Elizabeth
  • Digital Images with print rights 



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You may enter as many times as you like but you must follow steps 1-4 for each entry to count.


Entries will be accepted until 12pm, Dec 15. The winner will be announced Sunday, Dec 16.







| Holiday Photo Inspiration |

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season has officially begun! Holiday music fills the stores, twinkling lights pop up everywhere, and Christmas cards flood your mailbox (Yes, I said Christmas cards; don’t forget to add that to your “to-do” list). Now is the time to schedule your session for Holiday photos to send to loved ones! Are you stuck on how to stylize or create a theme for your session? Well, I am pretty sure you will find inspiration below. Enjoy and don't forget to book your session today!


How adorable is this newlywed session?!


Or this wagon and Cozy Coupe with the mini Christmas tree on top,


Look how sweet these sisters are!


And the red plaid blanket and cute little accessories from this adorable session...


| Via Kristen Vining Phtoography |

I love Radio Flyer Wagons! Check out this adorable session...




How adorable is this Hot Cocoa Set?!



Check out this gingerbread house (this could be made out of large cardboard boxes)...

Gingerbread cookies...


Christmas Tree Farm Set....

| Via Renee Hindman Photography |

I love this blue, silver, and white Angel Theme. Perfect for Christmas cards but not too Christmas-ey to put on your walls all year long. :)  


| Via Feather Nest Photography |

I hope your inspired! Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a great day!










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